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Please note:Most rules have been put in place because somebody did the opposite of them. General information is there to answer the most common questions I get.

What is a card swap?

It's a very simple concept!
1. You make some cards.
2. You send some cards out to other people.
3. People will send cards to you.

The main purpose behind card_swap is to share your artistic/crafting ability, thoughts, ideas, or anything else in your head.

How it works

There are Sign Ups posted in the community where you e-mail your name and address to the host. Once a sign up deadline is reached a list of everybody's mailing addresses will be e-mailed. You see how many people you need to send cards to, make them, then mail them out. Once you've mailed your cards, your job is done!

What kind of cards?

They can be defined as greeting cards or postcards. You could rubber stamp, draw, paint, college, or do just about anything to them! You could put quotes, phrases, sayings, or just images on them. These card must have some kind of artistic effort put into them. You don't have to be a professional artist or know about art to participate, just do what you feel is artsy to you. :)

See examples of some cards already swapped here

These are NOT what they can be: A sheet of paper, a magazine clipping (with nothing else), a store bought card, one card made then photocopied.

I know censorship isn't cool. However, you will be sending things out to minors and perhaps people who view things a little different than you. Please refrain from using nudity and foul language. If you aren't sure what isn't allowed, please use your best judgement.

Who can host?

right, only these people can host:
prozackisyummy - June Host
courtneymckenny - July Host
adamore - August host

These are also the only people with posting access.
Sometimes I'll put up request for another host, so if you want to host, look out for that!

What about the cost?

Hardly any at all! I personally spent $2.49 for 25 blank cards+envelopes and bought 20 US stamps for $7.40.

From time to time, there will be international swappers. Luckily, sending a letter air mail is only 80 cents.

Any other questions?
My name is Amy (the only mod at the time) and I'd be very happy to answer any of your questions. [blacksocksdirty@aol.com]

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